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We've all been there before. Maybe you're a game-master looking for a quick NPC or a player looking for some inspiration; in either case, you've come to the right place as once our site is completed we will have a supply of free quick characters for almost every role-playing game.

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Under Construction

This website is still in the early stages of construction and currently only supports characters for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Many of the features, such as user registration, guided character creation, character searches and character ratings are not yet built. Check back frequently as we work on this several times per week.

User Registration

User registration is one of the key features planned for the site. In the future, registered users will be able to create, save, and share their characters here.

Character Search

We're almost done with a very basic search engine that allows for searching by character class. We plan to continually refine and expand search options over time.

Character Ratings

While every user will have the option to keep their characters private, we plan to allow any registered user to rate non-private characters based upon power and style.

Most Recent Characters

(currently the system is only handling Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition characters)

Jyllyan Tealeaf

Jyllyan Tealeaf

3 Cleric(03)


4 Druid(04)

Helja Dankin

What next?

We want to know what types of games you play and what types of characters you want to see here. While our current selection only includes a handful of 5th Edition D&D characters, we plan to soon expand into other games (e.g. Savage Worlds, GURPS, and earlier versions of D&D). If you want to give us some feedback to nudge us towards your favorite game just reach out and let us know.

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We are a small group of passionate gamers that are also professional web developers and programmers. This site is a labor of love and a hobby, not a professional project. We fully intend to comply with all copyrights for all of the games that we will reference, as soon as we can establish communications with all the respective rights holders. If you have a copyright concern, please contact us directly via phone.


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